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Center Oxygen Supply Equipment

Center Oxygen Supply Equipment

The fire protection device of the center oxygen supply equipment is very important.


How to set up the fire protection device of the center oxygen supply system? This is in the Medical Center oxygen System for fire prevention settings, we need how to set it? Today together with the center for Oxygen Equipment Manufacturers-Hong Fujian to simply understand it!


The overall design of medical Center oxygen supply system to take into account a number of problems: the first is the location of the central Oxygen station, because oxygen is the combustion-supporting materials, the station should be located in the other buildings not less than 7.5m places, as far as possible from the ward building and away from the source of fire, to reduce quality loss and prevent dangerous accidents. Station room should be ventilated well, to adhere to indoor oxygen content of not more than 23% to prevent direct sunlight and other problems, indoor should be installed ventilation facilities and explosion-proof lights.


There are several types of central oxygen-supply equipment. If the oxygen bottle group is used, after the confluence of the way through the valve gas supply, if the row of the confluence is not grounded, the direct reaction into the phenomenon is that the high-pressure seal is easy to heat or even burn out or electrostatic breakdown, mainly because of oxygen in the pipeline in the internal high-speed flow, resulting in high voltage electrostatic.


If there is no reliable grounding, it is very easy to occur in the pipeline oxygen burning fire, it is likely to occur fire, so the piping system is to be grounded, grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohms.

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