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Medical Equipment Belt

Medical Equipment Belt

What should be paid attention to in medical equipment inspection?


1, because oxygen combustion, repair center for oxygen, central negative pressure, the need to ban oil, ban fire, replacement terminals in front of the safety valve closed case down. Negative pressure equipment, oxygen production equipment repair, need to be in power, unloading down.


2, medical equipment with a partial inspection of power, must pay attention to anti-static treatment, joints and joints can be by touch, to avoid electric spark, oxygen-rich case of attack security risks, detection grounding wire, to ensure that the grounding resistance is in line with the state of medical equipment grounding resistance <4ω requirements,="" to="" avoid="" electric="" shock="" to="" the="" patient="" caused="">


Medical equipment with a wide range, in order to ensure the efficient work of the equipment, the demand is through medical engineering technicians and medical staff work together, on the one hand, the need for medical staff to do daily maintenance and maintenance, for patients using medical equipment with the mission, in time to correct the non-standard operation of patients, There is also a need for medical engineering and technical personnel to do a good job of preventive performance repair and reserve amount to meet the vulnerable parts, received medical staff after the warranty, timely discharge of the fault, so as to ensure medical equipment with safe and useful operation.