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Hospital Oxygen Supply system

Hospital Oxygen Supply system

Hospital Oxygen System Product Introduction:


Nowadays, there are three main types of support sources, namely, the transpiration system of liquid oxygen storage tank, the bottle oxygen bus system and the pressure Swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen Generator System.


The main characteristics of the bus system is to provide active switching, can be active alarm, the duration of uninterrupted, less capital, equipment, so when a group of oxygen pressure reduced to 2MPa, the initiative to send out the alarm signal, and will actively switch to another group of oxygen gas supply.


There is a lot of gas in the bottle can not do anything to form the great waste of oxygen. When the gas is large, the oxygen is not available, the pressure is low, thus exposing the disadvantages of the oxygen supply pressure is not stable. Liquid oxygen Storage Tank transpiration system: It is characterized by large reserves of liquid oxygen cans, low operating costs, simple operation, pressure stability, low maintenance costs, is now one of the ideal choice for major hospitals.


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