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Oxygen Equipment Belt

Oxygen Equipment Belt

  Oxygen Equipment BeltDo not pay attention to the installation process of the pipeline purge


Pipe blowing is in fact a maintenance equipment pipeline installation of a key process, some suppliers are often not serious treatment, indiscriminate boast to deal with errands, there is to omit this process. In fact, this process for the maintenance of equipment to bring about the overall quality and after all in fact have a very large impact.


The pipeline is usually skimmed and cleaned before the installation, and the pipeline purge is mainly to remove the welding slag and the oxidized skin, which are produced by welding, so as to prevent the residue from clogging the pipeline with the oxygen flow, damaging the instrument valve and causing the accident caused by the spark of the collision tube wall. If not removed or removed from the net, in the use of the system, the air flow into the oxygen pressure reducer in the residue also often makes the diaphragm closed lax, resulting in slow pressure and other problems, affecting the normal use of hospital, but also the medical gas manufacturers increased maintenance costs.


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