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Bathroom Handrail

Bathroom Handrail

Bathroom Handrail Introduction


  Barrier-Free HandrailIs the use of stainless steel, diameter of 32 mm, specialized for the disabled, patients, the elderly, pregnant women and other weak body bathroom auxiliary walking assistant and design.


Bathroom Handrail Scope:


Installed in hospitals, nursing homes, elderly clubs, welfare institutions, disabled activities centers, hotels and other public places barrier-free facilities.


Bathroom Armrest Advantage Analysis:


1, the whole structure uses 304 pure stainless steel.


2, the hardness is far more than zinc alloy, iron pipe, steel pipe, bearing gravity up to 400 kg.


3, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, strong antibacterial, long service life;


4, directly installed in the wall, can be used for toilet and urinal side auxiliary use.


Product parameter:


1. Product specification: Long 500mm*600mm diameter 32mm


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