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Bathroom armrest

Bathroom armrest

Bathroom handrail is the use of high-quality color antibacterial nylon and stainless steel pipe composite, is a special for the elderly, patients, disabled, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups and the design of a collision prevention equipment.


Toilet handrails are installed in the facilities for the elderly clubs, institutions, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels and other public places accessibility.


1, holding part of the material for antibacterial nylon materials, lining part of pure stainless steel.


2, the hardness is far more than zinc alloy, iron pipe, steel pipe, bearing gravity up to 400 kg.


3, the product special LGD permanent antibacterial formula, can resist most harmful germs, reduce the spread of bacteria and lead to disease spread.


4, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, strong antibacterial, long service life;


5, directly installed in the wall, can be used for toilet and urinal side auxiliary use.


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