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Flame Retardant Medical Curtain

Flame Retardant Medical Curtain

In the hospital in a number of people's ward, often see the existence of medical curtain, that the role of the medical curtain is what, put in the ward is necessary? We know that in the ward, because each patient's condition is different, the serious getting out of bed is very inconvenient, some personal problems need to be solved in the bed, the use of medical curtain can be very good to protect the privacy of patients, so that patients have some private space. And for a large number of times, the doctor's diagnosis is also extremely convenient.


So what is the role of flame retardant medical curtain?


1. The main width of flame retardant medical curtain is 280cm, the material is 100% polyester or 100% flame retardant yarn, the top 1/3 of medical curtain cord is net embodiment, with breathable, light transmission, beautiful, easy to clean, washable characteristics.


2, medical curtain can beautify ward space, enhance the image of the hospital is a modern high-grade hospital is a good choice.


3, medical curtain can protect the patient's privacy, so that patients have a relative sense of security.

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