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Medical Curtain

Medical Curtain

The function of medical curtain cord in hospital


In the hospital, because of the small number of wards, bed vacancies and other reasons, often set up a number of people's wards, some hospitals in these wards you will see the existence of medical curtain, and some hospitals do not, why this situation happened.


The hospital is accompanying people's life to appear, it is in people's body patient's time, facilitates the people's treatment, causes the human life to be more secure. But we know that most of the hospital appears for a long time, at that time the domestic medical level, material capacity is relatively short, so in the hospital construction will mostly ignore many problems, thus creating inconvenience.


Now many hospitals are being reformed, and even many are newly established hospitals, therefore, in the decoration and design will be summed up before the problems and the inconvenience caused, and to solve the problem, so in the hospital ward, it will appear in a number of people in the ward of the medical curtain, and some did not exist.