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Medical Curtain

Medical Curtain

Medical curtain is the use of high-quality environmental protection materials made by the curtain, the majority of the use in the hospital, is called medical Curtain, the use of the scope is generally hospital, sanatorium, welfare, nursing homes and other public places. Medical curtain is generally used in the use of polyester fiber material.


Medical Curtain Features Share:


1, decorative strong: Hospital wards, inspection room, injection room, beautiful generous;


2, environmental protection strong: with dust-proof and antibacterial function;


3, the privacy of strong: In the same ward other beds need to change, injection, medical care or visitors can maintain the privacy of patients, to prevent noise;


4, simple and generous: dedicated trajectory, convenient construction, special pulley track, easy disassembly, easy to clean, save electricity, the use of curtains to save space than the traditional screen, easy to use;


5, high-quality Fabrics: raw materials hundred million yuan fat fiber, is divided into flame retardant and flame retardant two major categories.

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