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Hospital curtains

Hospital curtains

  Medical CurtainProduct Details


Material: 1 0% poly ester Fabric


Weight: 200g/m2-250g/m2


Height: 2.3m-3m


Shrinkage: The width of a wash 2% dry cleaning 1%


The height of a wash 0% dry cleaning 0%


Washing: Degree of discoloration level 4-5 degree of contamination level 5


Rub: Dry case Level 5, wet 5 level.


Fire resistance: conform to gb8624-1997 standard


Mesh Height: 50cm-75cm


The bottom of the curtain is long from the ground about 15-30cm


The folding of the curtain is calculated with the length of the guide rail 1.5:1


Environmental protection: Hospital beds separate cord, both dustproof and antibacterial function.


Safety: This product is a permanent flame retardant insulation standard.


Ventilation: The medical curtain is provided with a mesh vent, air and air conditioner which can be worn by the mesh part, ventilated and breathable.


Aesthetics: Hospital wards, injection rooms, inspection rooms, ICU, changing rooms and other places to use medical curtains to make the hospital room neat, elegant.


Privacy: To provide patients with the role of privacy inspection, treatment, hospitalization.


Save land: The use of medical curtains than the traditional screen more space-saving, more convenient use.


Simple: Special track, simple construction, quick disassembly and convenient cleaning.


Experience: For many hospitals to provide professional design, production and construction.