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Diaphragm track

Diaphragm track

What is the requirement for the hospital to choose the diaphragm track?


Curtain is mainly used in wards, mainly in the use of many people's wards, one can protect the privacy of patients, and second, so that patients and families have a separate space, very convenient. But in the hospital bacteria breeding is more serious, and the coming and going, there are often some unsafe factors, which requires the material of the curtain track has some requirements. Let's get to know each other.


Ward Cord: 100% poly-ester Fabric, Weight: 200g/m2-250g/m2, Height: 2.3m-3m, Shrinkage: Width of a wash 2% dry cleaning 1% height of a washing 0% dry cleaning 0%, washing: Fading degree 4-5 level of pollution Level 5, rub: dry in the case of 5 class, Wet Case Level 5.


Fire resistance: conform to gb8624-1997 standard.


Mesh Height: 50cm-75cm The bottom of the curtain-length from the ground about 15-30cm curtain with cloth folding calculation and guide length ratio 1.5:1


Environmental protection: Hospital beds separate cord, both dustproof and antibacterial function.


Safety: This product is a permanent flame retardant insulation standard.


Ventilation: A mesh vent, air and air conditioning wind can be worn through the mesh section, ventilated and breathable.


Aesthetics: Hospital wards, injection rooms, inspection rooms, ICU, changing rooms and other places use the curtain track to make the hospital room neat, elegant.


Privacy: To provide patients with the role of privacy inspection, treatment, hospitalization.


Save land: The use of curtain tracks is more space-saving and easier to use than traditional screens.


Simple: Special track, simple construction, quick disassembly and convenient cleaning.

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