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Ward Curtain

Ward Curtain

What is the advantage of the ward curtain?


In a multiple-person ward, you will always seeMedical Curtain, some people find it very convenient, others think it will be very troublesome, the work of cleaning staff has increased a lot. So why should the ward curtain be used in the hospital ward?


First, the ward curtain is the same as the common curtain, which has the function of protecting privacy but more convenient. The ward Curtain has special track, simple construction, special pulley and hook hanging, quick disassembly, easy to clean, save land: Use ward cord to save space and easy to use than traditional screen. Other beds in the ward need to be dressed, injected, medical or visitors to protect privacy and avoid noisy, the cord can be pulled up both dustproof and antibacterial function.


Second ward curtain material 100% polyester fiber, permanent flame retardant insulation cord, strong ability to resist rupture, no deformation after washing, fastness to dyeing and washing of fabric: after wash the cord will not break off, not fade, pollution-resistant it has mesh vent, air and air conditioning wind can be partly through the mesh hole, ventilated and breathable.


The last Ward curtain has a beautiful function, the hospital ward, injection room, inspection room using the curtain, will make the hospital interior feel neat, elegant.