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Hospital Infusion Stand

Hospital Infusion Stand

Guide for installation of infusion racks in hospitals:


1, the first need to determine the location of the hospital infusion racks installed, is generally installed in the central ceiling of the bed, the need to pay attention to avoid lamps and fans, operating room when the installation must pay attention to the avoidance of Crane and shadowless;


2. Measurement of Purchased hospitalInfusion StandTrack and mounting hole spacing, using impact drills on the ceiling drill depth greater than 50 mm, penetrate φ8 plastic expansion;


3, the pulley into the track inside the use of m4x10 tapping screws to install the plastic head on both sides of the track, and then use the m4x30 flat-top automatic screws to install the track above the ceiling;


4. After the installation is completed, hang the derrick on the Crane hook to check its operation and other performance.