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Mobile Infusion Stand

Mobile Infusion Stand

  Mobile Infusion Standis a more common infusion racks, in the medical industry is widely used, of course, this is a very traditional infusion rack, although the traditional, but itself is also a lot of advantages, and then together with the infusion rack manufacturers to simply understand it!


The infusion frame is mainly composed of the following parts: lampshade parts; fixed support casing; base; power switch; lamp mouth; snake skin tube; fastening screw; cable; lift bar;


Convenient and convenient to use;


Safe and reliable;


The product for floor lighting, lifting lever can be adjusted up and down, and through the hose, rotatable angle and direction, through the lamp shade part of the rotation, to solve the hospital stomatology in the treatment of the need for lighting, high value, it is worth popularizing use.


Mobile infusion racks are used for hanging Western medicine or bag accessory supplies, medical care supplies are necessary equipment.


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