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Infusion Rack Track

Infusion Rack Track

Infusion Rack Track is a kind of infusion boom, the hanger handle above the lifting lever with a brace, the following hinged a connecting rod, the other side of the connecting rod hinged on the edge of the bed, two large brackets plate symmetrical edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the same edge of the edge of the edge of the


The bracket plate is hinged with a card board, and when used, the lever handle is inserted into a bracket plate, the card board is locked in the slot board, and the two-way tower of the pole end is hooked to the sheep eye outside the same bed bracket plate, and the hanger rod is fixed.


Mobile Infusion Rack wholesale manufacturers of hospital hangers need to be fixed in another bracket plate, when not in use when the hanger rod to the horizontal position into a folding.


When the medical hanger is needed, the hanger rod can be fixed with the other bracket plate, and the frame lever is not used to turn to the horizontal position to fold.


Warm tip: Every year should be checked regularlyMobile Infusion StandThe installation of solid, reliable.