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Floor Infusion Stand

Floor Infusion Stand

The integration of the floor-level infusion rack Seiko design, beautiful appearance, feel comfortable, some parts are the use of high-quality raw stainless steel materials, anti-bacterial, environmental protection, anti-aging performance and so on.


Features of floor-mounted infusion racks:


(1) The product can be equipped with double crochet or 4 hooks to meet the specifications of different hanging bottles;


(2) The use of proprietary technology knob Special, the use of personnel can facilitate the completion of rotation, high durability;


(3) Special-purpose handrail, can be adjusted according to the height of the patient and angle, in line with the human body mechanics design, lightweight and labor-saving;


(4) The floor-level infusion frame is equipped with a steady-direction block and a large chassis, but also can ensure the stability and use of security;


(5) Bracket base is a universal mute steering wheel, is able to move all directions and automatic braking, safe and beautiful;


The use of floor-mounted infusion racks is safe, operation is stable, environmental pollution-free, anti-aging, easy to move, very popular. If you need to welcome the ITU, a large quantity favorably!