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Rail infusion Stand

Rail infusion Stand

Orbital infusion Frame is the use of aluminum alloy materials, unique design, not easy deformation, smooth sliding, safe and stable, the interface between the rails have stainless steel joints, so that the entire track seamless, to a large extent, increased the stiffness of the track, orbital infusion rack has the following advantages:


(1) Aluminum-white, elegant and luxurious, merits both;


(2) Horizontal hook can be annoying, infusion racks easy to hang, easy to locate;


(3) Height adjustment, simple, fast and so on;


(4) The pulley is sturdy and flexible, and the load is self-locking.


(5) Stainless steel elevator, wall-mounted, mirror luxury, elegant appearance;


Orbital infusion Racks have L-shaped, U-shaped, oval, can also be customized into a variety of sizes, using the mute design, to give the patient a very quiet treatment environment. Pulley compact structure, reasonable design, reduce the turning radius, sliding flexible, smooth, pulley switches will be automatically adjusted with the arc of the track, to ensure that the circular track flexible sliding.