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Stainless Steel infusion Stand

Stainless Steel infusion Stand

Stainless steel infusion Frame material is the use of high-quality aluminum alloy material, is the use of a relatively unique process of one-time processing, only a combination of mouth, can be effective to ensure that deformation is not easy or the risk of breakage, we will strengthen the PVC link, is the entire track can be seamless, to a large extent, increased the stiffness of the track , increase its service life, in the transport, installation process is not prone to deformation. More smooth during use, bearing safety.


The pulley is provided with a self-locking beam and a self-locking pillow is arranged on the track. When the derrick is bearing, the self-locking beam and the self-locking pillow are engaged, and the pulley will be locked in the orbit immediately.


Thus the position of the Derrick is fixed, the pulley structure is compact and reasonable in design, the turning radius is reduced, the sliding is flexible and smooth.


Wheel is a unique processing technology, the use of High-tech nano-materials, but also true to achieve, dust-free, wear-resistant, mute, the shape of the pulley will be automatically adjusted with the arc of the track, but also to ensure that the circular track can be flexible sliding.