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Auxiliary function of collision avoidance

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-08-21

The anti-collision handrail is suitable for various occasions where walking is inconvenient, such as a nursing home, a welfare home, etc., as a product for assisting walking, allowing people to walk freely, assist treatment, and the like.

1. Help walking: Installed in public places such as hospitals, welfare homes, nursing homes, hotels, airports, schools, bathrooms, etc., to help disabled people, the elderly, patients walk, let the hands have support to prevent falls;

2, buffering effect;

3. Walking stability;

4, increase the beauty: according to the indoor color and environment can choose a variety of colors, decorative effects are good.

5. Economical: Assembled design and construction, which can be partially replaced when damaged.

6, antibacterial: exterior material PVC / ABS special antibacterial treatment, can prevent the spread of germs.

The anti-collision handrail is one of the symbols of the infrastructure of modern medical facilities. The anti-collision handrails are various in color and are matched with the overall decoration style. Easy to install, easy to maintain, anti-collision and anti-collision, durable.