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Barrier-free handrails | handrails for people with disabilities

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-08-11

Our products are anti-collision handrails, corner guards, wall panels, barrier-free handrails, floor guardrails and other engineering plastic building materials have been widely used in hospitals, hotels, senior apartments, schools, office buildings, stadiums, airports, etc., in every space Show its unique personality.

Hongfujian's barrier-free handrails are suitable for people and places:

For people

Barrier-free handrails are meant to help the elderly or the infirm (including the disabled friends) to act or safely, and to use the barrier-free handrails to achieve normal activities and self-care.

Place of use

The places of use generally include hospitals and tall office buildings, homes and elderly toilets, etc., and the frequency of use is higher. There are more elderly toilets in the home, from the barrier-free handrails of the toilet to the barrier-free handrails of the bathtub.

Barrier-free handrails can also be politely referred to as sunset handrails.

This will make the user feel better, the sunset is a beautiful consciousness, especially the beauty of old age.