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Hongfujian Protection teaches you how to choose barrier-free handrails

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-24

Barrier-free handrails are indispensable barrier-free devices in modern hospitals. They are usually installed on both sides of the hospital corridor to help patients with their help.

There are different medical users for the barrier-free handrails in the corridor. From home patients, disabled people, and the elderly to nurses who take care of their living patients in the hospital, medical barrier-free handrails are required, and as terminal products, they must be firm and easy to use.

The barrier-free handrail in the corridor is made up of PVC panel and aluminum alloy backing and base. It has fireproof, wear-resistant, retaining wall and anti-slip effect. Applicable to hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. Not only can help the sick and weak people support walking, but also play a role in protecting the wall.

There are various barrier-free handrails in Hongfujian Protective Corridor. The handrail styles can be selected according to the actual situation of each hospital. These barrier-free handrails are made of high-quality aluminum alloy core, 2.0 thick PVC panel, multi-color optional. It is easy to install and durable, and it can effectively prevent collision and impact.