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Barrier-free handrails promote the development of a harmonious society

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-02

Nowadays, society has given more and more attention to disabled people. There are specially equipped handrails for disabled people on the bus. There are also roads for the blind on the road. There are also handrails for disabled people in the public restrooms. However, in many details of life, our society has not been able to fully consider the needs of disabled people. Like an underground passage.

First, use it on the stairs. Many nursing homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and some high-end office buildings or hotels, residences and other places will use anti-collision handrails in this area. Compared with ordinary handrails, it is more comfortable and has good anti-slip properties. Help users to go upstairs on their own.

Second, use it on the aisle. In many goods hospitals, public places, and some qualified families, anti-collision handrails are installed in this area. Its height is specially designed to make part of its daily life autonomously. Many patients in the rehabilitation period practice a good helper to walk.

Finally, use in the bathroom. This is the area in which it is widely used. In the bathtub, shower room, toilet, sink and so on, all parts will be installed, professionally designed, in the size, form to adapt to the use of the environment, providing a full range of safe grip, effectively avoiding the ground due to slippery The inconvenience is also a security risk.