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Barrier-free bathroom armrest design specifications and standards

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-07-03

Barrier-free bathroom handrails should be equipped with handicapped toilets next to the public restroom or in appropriate locations. A special toilet can be used to replace the disabled toilet seat in the public restroom. When the special toilet adopts the swing door, the door leaf should be opened outwards. The net width of the door leaf opening should not be less than 0.80m. The door handle should be a cross handle. The door lock should be installed inside and outside the door. A door handle should be provided.

1. Persons with handrails should be provided on ramps, stairs and on both sides of the two-pole steps and on the three sides of the elevator. The handrails should be kept coherent.

2. The shape, specification and color of the handrail of the disabled should be easy to identify and grasp. The size of the handrail should be 35mm to 50mm, and the clearance from the inside of the handrail to the wall is 40mm.

3. The handrails of ramps, stairs and steps should extend horizontally above 0.30m at the starting point and end point.

4, handrails for disabled people should use high-quality wood or other better materials, the handrails must be installed firmly, should be able to withstand the weight of the body.

5. The floor of the toilet seat should be flat, not smooth and no water, no height difference, and a hook of 1.20m high should be set in the toilet seat.

6. The diameter of the grab bar is 32mm to 40mm, and the inner side is 40mm from the wall surface. The grab bar should be installed firmly and should be able to bear the weight of the body.