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Anti-collision handrail used in the walkway of the nursing home

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-08-15

In our traditional impression, the nursing home is located in a remote suburb of the city, with poor furniture, poor bathroom conditions, and no entertainment facilities. However, modern nursing homes have broken the traditional concept and are becoming more and more personalized and humanized.

The interior design of the modern nursing home is spacious and bright, and the wall is no longer monotonous white. The walkway is unobstructed and there are no obstacles. Handrails are installed on the wall and on the stairs. The steps are gentle and the drop is small, which is convenient for the elderly to get up and down.

The Hongna walkway handrails are available in 6 styles. The commonly used nursing home walkway uses small round anti-collision handrails : 38 PVC anti-collision handrails and 15 nylon walkway handrails. The following are the renderings of the nursing homes installed in these two products. Parents can refer to them.