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In the process of anti-collision handrails, we should pay attention to which

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-05-29

Anti-collision handrails for the disabled, is specifically for the elderly, patients, disabled, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups designed to use, bathroom handrails for a long time use in humid environment will be more prone to rust, with humanized design, durable and reliable, and affordable.


Anti-collision Handrails product design fully consider the elderly and disabled people's practical application effectiveness, and in line with China's urban road and building barrier-free design code requirements. Products can resist the majority of harmful germs, reduce the spread of bacteria cross-propagation caused by disease. Armrest of the hand part of the use of high-quality nylon as the exterior, the surface with a non-slip floating point, the interior for high-quality steel or aluminum base load-bearing support, the real realization of environmental protection and durable characteristics.


To buy anti-collision handrails in the process, we first want to see its surface, what is the surface of the material, whether it is hard, and check whether its quality is reliable, the existence of defects in manufacturing, even when the purchase of the material, but when the goods are transported to the scene, but also to check for later use, Do not put the material into the construction process without inspection, so it is easy to have engineering problems.