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Barrier-free Handrail manufacturers analysis of what is included in accessibility facilities in public places

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-19

Barrier-free devices are not just true to the disabled, including the elderly or some people who are in need of barrier-free equipment because of disease disorders, and today, generally new hospitals, nursing homes, and some high-end community and other public places will be the design of barrier-free equipment, and this reflects a country, The degree of development of the city.


Hospital-accessible facilities include: barrier-free ramps outside the hospital building,Barrier-Free Handrails(including corridor, room, toilet), barrier-free lift ladder, barrier-free flat push door, Blind road, blind voice navigation system, including corridor width, Ward bed to wall spacing (enough for a wheelchair to swing space), the floor of the stair staircase stair slope, height of War station area (pre-left for similar automatic climbing machine and other equipment space).


Barrier-Free armrest detailed to the bathroom, the living aspect also has some detailed barrier-free equipment, including the bathroom handrail, the bath chair, the bath bed, the shift machine and so on, but first must have the corresponding space in the room.