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Hong Fujian Mobile Infusion stand for a more flexible and smooth slide.

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-27

Hong Fujian Protection ofMobile Infusion RacksUsing aluminum alloy material, the track weight of 240 grams per meter and above, the orbital thickness of 1.2mm and above. The track pulley adopts the plastic material, the hook adopts the S type, the stainless steel material. The track adopts the L-type (2.3m*2.3m), one bending molding, the special specification ends above 2.3m need to adopt the track joint and connect; the track side should have the side cover.


A self-locking beam is arranged on the pulley and a self-locking pillow is arranged on the track. When the hanger rod load-bearing, self-locking beam and self-locking pillow mesh, the pulley will be locked in the track immediately, so as to secure the position of the hanger rod.


  Mobile Infusion RacksThe pulley structure is compact and reasonable, which reduces the turning radius and glides flexibly and smoothly.


Mobile Infusion rack pulley using a unique processing technology, the application of high-tech nanomaterials, the first real to achieve quiet, dust-free, wear-resistant; the pulley shape automatically adjusts to the arc of the mobile infusion frame, ensuring flexible sliding on the ring track.


For more information on mobile infusion racks, please contact us for protection from Hong Fu Jian