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How is the medical anti-collision armrest installed?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-03-29

Medical anti-collision handrail panel: It adopts high-quality pure imported vinyl acrylate, high purity, strong flexibility, tough and smooth texture, can withstand more than 5 times the impact force of the object, and can better cushion the direct impact force of the object without damaging the impacting object. It is not affected by the weather, does not deform, does not crack, is alkaline, is not afraid of moisture, is not moldy, and is durable.

Elbow: Injection molded with ABS material, the structure is very strong, one end of the elbow is connected to the aluminum alloy keel, and the other end is attached to the wall, so that the armrest and the wall have a close fit.

Medical anti-collision handrail PPS support frame: Support frame made of PPS material. PPS material has strong hardness and is not easy to break. It is the best material for connecting wall and aluminum alloy keel. It will not break when it encounters large impact force.

First transport the materials to be installed to the construction site, arrange the warehouse stacking, so as to avoid the piles and random release and affect the construction progress of both parties.

When installing the medical anti-collision handrail, first place the horizontal line on the wall, and the upper edge of the handrail shall be 800-850mm. Then, the support holes are made on the horizontal line, and the hole pitch is 750-900 mm.