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Selection techniques for anti-collision handrails

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-17

Bathroom inside of all accessories, can be said to have the finishing touch of the effect, not only necessary and modelling or more, but also to create the taste of bathroom space is the key point, but Ah still has a saying: The United States at the same time to live the actual demand for refuge. Do not look useless, so anti-collision handrails manufacturers-Hong Fujian for everyone to summarize a few key elements, but also hope to help everyone!


(1) Material: The market's anti-collision handrail material is probably the following: Copper chromium, stainless steel chrome, aluminum alloy chromium, and so on, these materials in pure copper chromium-plated products can prevent oxidation, rarely fade; stainless steel chrome price is cheap, but the use of time is relatively short. Although the anti-collision handrail is a small thing, consumers should also pay attention to choose quality products, otherwise, every time after a collision prevention handrails to replace.


(2) Coating: coating treatment for metal pendant is very important, it is related to product life, smoothness, wear degree. A good coating is black and shiny, with a moist feeling, while the inferior coating is dull. The good coating is very flat, and the inferior coating looks closely to find the surface wavy. The surface and the sunken must be inferior products. Good coating is more wear-resistant, the surface of the basic can not see scratches, and inferior product surface will have a dense scratches.


(3) Brand: If you want to buy after-sale protection of the anti-collision handrails, consumers choose the brand of anti-collision handrails, although the price of the brand is higher, but when the quality of anti-collision handrails problems, consumers can find a merchant replacement or repair, overall or to buy the brand anti-collision handrails more cost-effective.


(4) Matching: Bathroom Three sanitary ware in the bathroom occupies a larger position, so can not let the sanitary ware to match the anti-collision handrails, and to let anti-collision handrails and sanitary ware collocation. The market has a variety of anti-collision handrails, consumers should pay attention to the choice of color, materials and models are in line with the overall decoration style of the bathroom, if you only like, it is likely that the last selection of anti-collision handrails placed in the bathroom will appear awkward.