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What are the standards for good quality bumper armrests?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-10

With the continuous development of society and the aging of the population, the scope of use of medical handrails is also expanding and becoming indispensable. What are the standards for high-quality medical anti-collision handrails? Let’s take a look at the collision armrests!

1, the current quality of medical handrail appearance color can be determined according to different places, there are red, yellow, blue and other color choices, so that the elderly and disabled people can easily see the position of the handrail, but also play a certain The decorative effect.

2, the appearance of the medical anti-collision handrail has no connection gap, can not bring the plastic burr of rough thorns, otherwise it will affect the hand feeling.

3, the wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe should be at least 2mm, and the vertical pressure of the person who weighs 75kg will not cause bending and deformation.

4, the handrail elbow should be suitable, generally the armrest is between 5cm-6cm from the wall, not too wide and too narrow, too narrow will make the hand touch the wall, too wide may make the elderly and disabled Be careful not to get stuck in your arm.

In summary, the content briefly introduces the standards of medical handrails . Henan Hongfujian always adheres to the people-oriented corporate philosophy, and actively adapts to the needs of the market according to advanced imported equipment, professional processing technology, and rigorous scientific management skills. To provide quality and safety for people's lives.