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Measurement and installation standards for curtains

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-07-31

1, can refer to the actual configuration map of the standard ward and size specifications;

2, the lower end of the face is about 300 mm -400 mm from the ground;

3. The ratio of the curtain track and the curtain fabric is 1:2;

4, the peak process is to turn 50mm-150mm from the upper edge, and add no lining, then each hole 200mm apart, or the top of the curtain belt;

5, the material of the hole is made of stainless steel, will not rust after washing;

6. The special track hooks for the curtains and the design of the holes can be easily loaded and unloaded on the track after washing.

In summary, the content of the curtain is for the manufacturers to share related matters, more curtain information welcome to lock our official website for more details!