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Barrier-free handrail manufacturers share why we need “accessibility”

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-07-10

What is "accessibility"?

Maybe you are a healthy young man, lively and optimistic, there is nothing you can't do and there is no place you can't go. However, one day, if you accidentally rubbed your foot and broke your leg, you will suddenly discover that the world is full of bumps and steps are obstacles. Barrier-free handrail manufacturers for your analysis!

More than ten steps have become difficult to climb the mountain, the bus has become a spaceship that can't be reached, the bathroom floor is smooth like an ice rink, the green light of the pedestrian signal light only illuminates you to the half of the road... the rhythm of life always looks like Some people are slow to shoot, but they don’t know much about tears and sweat.

It is conceivable that those disabled people who are inconvenient to move all the year round, the expectant mothers who are pregnant with the top six, the little ones in the stroller, the ancestors of our ancestors who gradually become obsessed with the increase of their ages, and, after fifty years, you , life, how to proceed?

Of course we have a more written and comprehensive explanation:

Accessibility - there are no obstacles in the development process and the activities can proceed smoothly.

Specifically refers to an attribute of the environment or system, that is, all public space environments related to human food, clothing, food and shelter, and the use of various types of building facilities and equipment must fully serve those with different levels of physical disabilities and those with normal activities (such as disability). People, the elderly), to create a modern living environment full of love and care, and to ensure the safety, convenience and comfort of human beings.

This "accessibility environment" is an ideal environment that is both accessible and accessible, including the physical environment, information and communication barriers.

In addition to the tangible aspects, the ideal barrier-free environment should also include the intangible aspect, that is, the individual's psychological barrier-freeness. The things to be considered include the people's acceptance and care of the obstacles, and the creation of a kind of spiritual communication. Accessibility

What has the world done for "accessibility"?