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What is the performance of qualified barrier-free handrails?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-12

Barrier-free facilities are becoming more and more important in today's society, and the phrase "old and old, and old people; young and young, and young people" are always warning us. So what kind of performance should the barrier-free handrails in the barrier-free facilities be qualified?

(1) The quality of the barrier-free handrails of good quality can be determined according to different places, and there are a variety of colors such as red, yellow and blue, so that it is easy for the old people and the disabled to clearly see the orientation of the handrails. To a certain renovation effect.

(2) The appearance of the barrier-free handrail does not have a gap between the joints and the plastic burrs of the rough thorns, otherwise it will affect the hand feeling.

(3) The wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe should reach at least 2 mm, and the bending and deformation will not occur when the person whose weight reaches 75 kg is straight down.

(4) The arc of the handrail elbow should be suitable. Generally, the armrest partition wall is between 5cm-6cm. It should not be too wide and too narrow. If it is too narrow, it will touch the wall. If it is too wide, it may make the old man and the disabled. I accidentally did not hold my arm.

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