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Can ordinary people use barrier-free handrails?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-03-20

Nowadays the barrier-free setting in the society is becoming more and more popular, so can we ordinary people use it? Is it appropriate to use it?


(1) Barrier-free handrails apply to all


The barrier-free handrail name may make people feel that only the disabled group can use, in fact, the barrier-free handrails for all those who need it, is allowed to use, when you need, the barrier-free handrails are able to use.


(2) The barrier-free handrail should be accorded priority to the disabled group.


The seat on the bus, when the disabled group needs you will also for its seat, barrier-free handrails should also give priority to the use of the disabled, this will require the cooperation of the community, more comity is needed, at the same time, the barrier-free handrails can make the general public feel the well-being of social concern, social harmony, civilization and progress.


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