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Types and application characteristics of mobile infusion racks

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

Whether it's a health room or a hospital,Mobile Infusion Standare commonly used in one of the medical equipment, mainly for the patient when conveying liquids hanging liquid use, mainly folding telescopic infusion racks, day rail infusion racks, vertical infusion racks and other styles.


Various types of infusion racks applicable occasions:


1. The infusion racks between various models also have their own advantages and disadvantages, the hospital bed infusion frame use of the best using folding telescopic infusion frame;


2. In the infusion room as an intensive place for infusion, the use of the day rail infusion rack better;


3. While for the temporary addition of the bed infusion, you can use mobile vertical infusion rack better.


So in the choice of different infusion racks, we need to combine practical application occasions to choose the right type of products to better play the role of the infusion frame.


It should be noted that different styles of mobile infusion racks have their own advantages and disadvantages. At present, folding telescopic infusion frame is mainly used in the ward of the bed infusion, in the ward more people, folding telescopic infusion frame can be taken out when used, when not folded and placed not occupy the place, so very popular with the hospital. And the day rail infusion frame is suitable for the use of seat-intensive areas, such as more people in the hospital, will be concentrated in a place, more patients, many patients can only be infusion in the corridor of the rest of the seat infusion, at this time the use of day-rail infusion racks is the best choice. The vertical infusion frame is the ideal choice for patients who want to go to the toilet or walk out in the middle of the infusion process.


In a word, the total category of mobile infusion racks, more useful, is a necessary hospital.


Special day-rail infusion stand for operating room


Infusion Racks We've seen a lot of it, and we often see it when we go to a clinic or a hospital. But in the operating room you will find that the top of the ward will have a circle of track, and the infusion rack on the track, the first time to see this kind of situation friends will be very curious, in fact, this is specifically for the use of hospital operating room and specially designed for the day rail infusion rack. Perhaps you will be curious, usually use is not removable, scalable? How can also appear hanging up of the day rail infusion rack.


Infusion racks are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, health rooms and other places, is a patient needs to use a commonly used auxiliary facilities. Because of the use of infusion racks, in order to allow patients to use the convenience, will be based on the use of infusion racks in the existing problems to adjust it, so there will be the day after the infusion rack, mobile infusion racks, adjustable infusion racks.


Here is the main introduction is adjustable infusion racks, it is mainly through the adjustment can make the level of infusion racks become different, why do this?


We know that a person's size is different, so in the hanging infusion bottles will appear out of reach of the situation, this is very inconvenient, so in order to make use more convenient, this has an adjustable infusion rack.


This is because people in the infusion is often a relatively sober state, then if fixed in a place will be very inconvenient. In the operating room, the patient may need to play anesthesia needles, and the liquid is to ensure the safety of their lives, is in operation, the hospital operation in the infusion line will be very much in the way. And the use of day-rail infusion racks, infusion racks Place is higher, the infusion line will not have any effect on the doctor's surgery, so the day rail infusion frame can be said to be a special infusion rack surgery.