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What are the advantages of medical curtains?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-03-02

The curtain is used by the hospital partition, I believe to have been to the hospital have probably seen, in fact, the professional name is called medical Curtain, is to facilitate the patient rest set up a anti-corrosion products, while in some pig house is also used toMedical Curtainitself has a lot of advantages, the next one and medical curtain manufacturers to simply understand it!

1, environmental protection: hospital-specific bed insulation cord, both dustproof and antibacterial function.


2, Safety: the product of permanent flame retardant insulation standards, products through validation, in line with China's building materials combustion performance in the high level of regulation.


3, durable: Super tensile strength, strong resistance to rupture, no deformation after washing, fabric resistance dyeing fastness, after washing mesh will not break off, do not fade, pollution-resistant.


4, Beautiful: Hospital ward, injection room, inspection room using separate cord, so that the hospital interior feel neat, elegant.


5, Ventilation: Medical insulation cord mainly has a mesh ventilation hole, air and air conditioning wind can be partly through the mesh hole, ventilation and breathable.


6. Privacy: Other beds in the same ward if need dressing, injection, medical or visitors to protect privacy and avoid noisy, can be pulled from the curtain.


7, simple: Special track, construction simple, special pulley and hook hanging, disassembly fast, clean and convenient.


8, Save land: The use of medical insulation cord than the traditional screen space-saving, easy to use.


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