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Introduction of technical parameters and product features of medical curtain

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-03

Medical Curtain is a basic medical facility commonly used in hospitals, we know that hospital ward because many people often a room will have two to three patients, when the ward full, because the patient's family back and forth or gender reasons, there will inevitably be some private problems need to be solved, in the absence of conditions, medical curtains appear, It solves the problem enormously, and when there is a private problem, the curtains are not visible, soMedical CurtainWhat are the requirements of the production, its technical parameters and product characteristics, together to understand the next.


Technical parameters of medical curtain:


1, density: through to ≥ 380 degrees, latitude ≥ 113 degrees


2, resistance to friction color fastness: ≥ 5


3, Weight: 270g/m2--320g/m2, can be customized according to customer demand


4, Shrinkage: Width of the washing-2%, dry cleaning 1%; height washing 0%, dry cleaning 0%


5, Fire Resistance: gb17591-2006 "flame retardant fabric" B1 level standards, passed the Hong Kong SGS Flame Retardant Certification


6, Curtain fabric Material: 100% multi-ester Products


7, environmental protection fabrics do not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in line with national standards


8, medical curtain on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, white cocci have antibacterial function, is the only three antimicrobial products


9, ph value: Through the GB/T7573-2002,PH value: 6.7


10, through the tensile testing of qualified products


Medical Curtains Product Features:


Ventilation: The top of the medical curtain has a mesh air hole, air and air conditioning wind can be partly through the mesh hole, ventilated and breathable.


Beauty: Hospital ward, injection room, inspection room using medical insulation cord, so that the hospital indoor air feel neat, elegant.


Privacy: Other beds in the same ward, such as dressing, injection, treatment or visitors to protect privacy and avoid noisy, class will be separated from the curtain.


Simple: Special track, simple construction, special pulley and hook, disassembly fast, easy to clean. Save land: The use of medical insulation cord than the traditional screen space, more convenient to use.


Experience: More than a large hospital to use, for the hospital professional design, planning, construction, processing