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Curtain rail manufacturers sharing the correct use and maintenance of medical crane is very important

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-06

How to correctly use and maintain medical crane? The use of medical crane will help patients and staff, so that people pay more attention to the use of medical crane and maintenance.Diaphragm trackManufacturers today to take you to a simple understanding!


Because the use of medical crane or not to be maintained can easily lead to damage and shorten the use of life, therefore, the maintenance of medical crane can not be overlooked, in the crane of all parts are very important, these parts are to be properly maintained.


1th, because the medical crane on the various parts of the requirements are very high, if the use of the time, did not pay attention to the performance of each component did not meet the standard, then in use, the function will be affected, and even more serious consequences occur. Therefore, the use of medical crane, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the use.


2nd, Medical crane maintenance work is also to pay attention to, the parts of the force is the key to maintain the part of the metal to more maintenance, in these parts of the welding seam, as well as the heat affected areas of the weld in the case of abnormal base, it is necessary to take timely measures to solve.


Specific in the detection of the various parts of Crane can refer to the following steps: When Crane used 80 hours later, it is necessary to timely test. In the replacement of the operator to check the solid condition of all connected parts, if there is a loosening of the situation should be in time to tighten it. If the crane has an abnormal sound appears, hard to immediately check, and record.