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What do you need to pay attention to to buy barrier-free handrails?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-03

As people's living standards continue to improve, public places in the emergence of barrier-free equipment is more and more, these barrier-free facilities in the life of what is the important role? So for the recent demand for the purchase of anti-collision protection angle,Barrier-Free HandrailNew and old customers, but also need a lot of attention to which aspects? Come together and guard angle to prevent the manufacturer to simply understand it!


(1) Post-sale problem of barrier-free handrails


For the purchase of handrails, the first thing to be concerned about is after-sale. Barrier-free handrails is not said after the installation will be once and for all, handrails in the transport, installation and maintenance of the latter, with the support of manufacturers is not unrelated, so the choice of a safe factory is very necessary.


(2) on the material of the barrier-free handrail


Barrier-free handrails of the main materials are divided into nylon and stainless steel materials, most of the choice for nylon materials, selected for the material, more can reflect the barrier-free handrails in the service life of the guarantee. The above two kinds of mainstream material, need according to the material, the use can guarantee the use effect.


(3) on the load-bearing problem of the barrier-free handrail


The weight-bearing of the barrier-free handrails also plays a pivotal role in considering whether or not the barrier-free handrails can be used properly or experience poorly when the user is too heavy.


On the attention of the barrier-free handrails, consumers need to be cautious, and hung Fu Jian nearly 10 years of experience in protection products are doing their best to provide consumers with no worries about products.