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Analysis of the prospect market of barrier-free handrails

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-26

The development of barrier-free handrails is relatively short, in the domestic not very good popularization, with the improvement of people's living standards, people in the community has a long-term progress. In recent years to see the population aging accounted for more and more, in fact, the barrier-free settings for the elderly should be more perfect, and this is precisely the better protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, the prospects of the market is beautiful, then what direction should be developed?


(1) The scope of application needs to be enlarged


Today's barrier-free handrails cannot be spread as widely as mobile phones, and there is no barrier-free handrails everywhere. Therefore, barrier-free handrails are relatively scarce, not to a certain extent to protect the rights and interests of the elderly, in addition to hospitals, public places should also add corresponding barrier-free settings.


(2) Development of barrier-free facilities


More adapt to the life of the barrier-free facilities should be developed, now the technology products springing up to move Chen, around people's use of the habit of continuous innovation, barrier-free handrails should be gradually combined with technology, the introduction of more ancillary protection products, can also be around the design of artificial intelligence, If the barrier-free handrail can sense some of the elderly's physiological conditions.


The prospect of barrier-free handrails is beyond doubt, but in the future this industry needs professional high, serious and responsible enterprise leader to do well, and hung glorious years of protection manufacturing experience, its profound experience so that they understand the industry, more understand the needs of the industry.