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Structure analysis of curtain rail products

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-03

1, Track: Is the use of aluminum alloy materials, using a unique design, not easy to deformation, hand-pull light and smooth, safe and stable, the junction between the track between the joint has reinforced ABS special connectors, is the entire track seamless, to a large extent, increased the rigidity of the track. The room is clean and high with a dedicated stainless steel hanging rack to fit the installation.


2, the track curved arc: The special track curved device, all automation, bends the radian one time to process the formation, the track Groove does not have the distortion, guarantees the pulley sliding is lightweight and smooth.


3, pulley: compact and reasonable structure, reduce the radius of the bend, reduce the length of the fabric contraction, sliding light and smooth, the hook using S-type, easy disassembly and cleaning, pulley using a unique processing technology, the application of High-tech nano-materials, the first time to achieve mute, dust-free, wear


4, the curtain track U-shaped, straight, L-type, O-shape, size support custom-made, manufacturers sold themselves, a large number of spot.


5, pulley 6-9 per meter, track 600mm a fixed point.


Diaphragm track is an auxiliary medical curtain necessary products, track installation is good, the use of curtains in the future is very convenient.


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