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What are the tracks of the infusion racks?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

For the infusion frame we are not unfamiliar, usually it can be adjusted high and low. A lot of people are puzzled by this, is not to support the bottle, so that the bottle of liquid into the body can be. The high and low of the infusion frame will affect the situation of infusion?


Infusion Racks have a dedicated orbital infusion track, in general, mainly from four species, respectively, O, L, U and straight, then, what are the characteristics of these tracks?


① early to determine the installation location of the infusion day rail, generally installed in the middle of the hospital bed ceiling. Attention should be paid to avoid the lamp fan, operating room installation should be careful to avoid crane and shadowless.


② measure the track mounting hole spacing of the infusion rack, drill a hole with a depth greater than 50 mm in the ceiling with a φ8 impact bit, and penetrate the φ8 plastic expansion (note that the plastic expansion should be aligned with the ceiling).


③ the pulley into the track, with m4x10 tapping screws to install the plastic head at both ends of the rail (O-type rail without plug, the joints should be flat alignment, to ensure that the pulley can be in the orbit free sliding). Then use the m4x30 flat head tapping screws to install the rails on the ceiling.


After installing the ④, hang the derrick on the Crane hook to check its operation and other performance.


This result is affirmative, the reason is the body in the infusion, only when the bottle body pressure is greater than the diastolic pressure when the drug will flow out, so the bottle is generally hung in about 1.5 meters. Only when the fluid is higher than the head of the infusion, and other liquids do not flow out, but there will be gas will enter the body, so that the blood reflux. Therefore, the use of infusion racks should pay attention to these problems.


The number of use of infusion racks, and a certain use of requirements, so when the medical staff in the use of infusion racks into the liquid transport should pay attention to these details.