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The use of medical curtains convenient for you and me he

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

In the hospital due to illness, there are often some inconvenient to get out of bed need to deal with the matter, and usually a large number of people in the ward, the patient is very inconvenient.Medical CurtainIt is a special curtain for hospital beds, it can be used to make room for a separate room, so that patients can change clothes and so on to solve personal problems. Also convenient for doctors to check the wound, can be said to be a kind of privacy protection.


Medical curtain is commonly used in hospital wards, in many people's wards due to dressing or just after surgery people's body is too weak at this time need independent space. However, because many hospitals, in order to prevent accidents, so medical curtain requirements have a certain degree of flame retardant, it can mold anti-bacterial, easy to pull without deformation, easy to remove and clean environmental protection, window cloth using stainless steel or aluminum material made, separated by the use of the window of the integrated molding. It also sets a standard for the use of medical curtains.


Medical curtain in the convenience of patients at the same time, its use also makes the hygiene of cleaning staff become very convenient, is widely used in various hospital sites.


Medical curtain is commonly used in hospital double or triple room, the patient comes from different families, and in the patient side will have family accompanied, these for the patients can not get out of bed in the change of clothes or solve personal problems are very troublesome, and the use of medical curtain, the patient no longer worry about the existence of this problem, to facilitate the patient, Also convenient for the family. At present, there are medical curtains installed in the wards of major hospitals.