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Curtain rail manufacturers share medical curtain making requirements for fabrics

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-02-02

We know that the medical curtain is made of cloth, but for the fabric has a dense, sparse, translucent, there is no light, as a medical curtain using what kind of fabric? Today we come to and the curtain rail manufacturers to simply understand it!


Medical curtain cord is used for the use of strong strands of the warp, with medium and fine supporting single yarn for weft, woven tire skeleton fabric. The warp line is tightly spaced, the weft is sparse, and the shape resembles a curtain, hence the name. Tyre cord is used as the skeleton of rubber products such as tires, which bear great pressure, shock load and strong vibration. Tyre cord is an important material that affects the performance and life of tyres. The warp is also called cord) to withstand the load and the weft is fixed to the warp position.


The requirements of medical curtain for cord are: high ① strength and initial modulus, ② heat resistance, ③ endurance fatigue, ④ structure stability, ⑤ energy and rubber bonding.


Cord has cotton curtain line, viscose wire curtain line, nylon curtain line, wire curtain line, nylon curtain line, polypropylene curtain line, Aramid curtain line, carbon fiber curtain line, pen curtain line and so on. The cotton cord strength is low, the manufacture tire body needs to be more multilayer fabric cord, uses in because of the movement produces the friction heat high, the heat dissipation is slow, thus the application gradually reduces. High-strength adhesive wire cord has the advantages of fatigue resistance, heat resistance and small deformation of the carcass, but because of its easy moisture absorption, it is necessary to protect the tire to make its surface complete without cracks, so as to avoid damp and reduce strength. The strength of nylon cord is high, the tire body is resistant to impact and fatigue, and the tire temperature rises little, but has the characteristic of heat contraction, the carcass is easy to deform. The cord made of steel wire has high strength, small rolling loss, impact resistance, good abrasion resistance, but large rigidity and easy damage to vehicle chassis parts. In addition, there are polyester curtains, glass fiber curtains and other lines.


The above is the medical curtain on the cloth requirements, see so many requirements, it is not difficult to see why the medical curtain is loved by people.

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