What is the installation and application of medical safety anti-collision handrails and barrier-free handrails?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-04-20

In order to avoid and reduce the number of people with reduced mobility, the hospital anti-collision handrail has become a necessary barrier-free device for hospital corridors. The beautiful appearance of the hospital's anti-collision armrests makes the anti-collision armrest function and decoration together. In order to make the armrests have better decorative performance after installation.

Barrier-free handrail installation process:

1. Connect the test set rope on the wall to determine the installation position of the base;

2. Fix the aluminum alloy support frame to the base with screws;

3. Adjust the elbows with screws at both ends of the aluminum alloy support frame and fix them;

4. Put the anti-collision buffer on the aluminum alloy support frame of the card holder, and then insert the decorative buckle of the two elbows of the aluminum alloy into the anti-collision buffer;

5. If the wall is made of hollow bricks, the firmness of the base should be strengthened;