What are the significant advantages of all stainless steel infusion stand?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-08-07

Stainless steel infusion stand is a very common infusion stand with many advantages, such as:

1. The height adjustment of the infusion bottle is relatively easy, flexible, convenient, labor-saving and worry-free;

2. The parts are made of high quality raw materials;

3. The hook and the hanging frame are shared, which can meet the fixing of various specifications of the infusion bottle;

4. Equipped with a special tray, suitable for infusion equipment of different manufacturers;

5. Boost the handrail, it can adjust the height and angle according to the height of the patient at any time. It is humanized design, conforms to the principle of human body mechanics, feels comfortable, and is light and convenient to operate. The nail base is equipped with a universal pulley, which can move flexibly;

6. The infusion stand can be customized according to the requirements of the infusion pump and the injection pump manufacturer.

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