What are the characteristics of Hong Fujian anti-collision handrails?

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  Anti-collision Handrailis through the PVC panel and aluminum alloy bottom lining together with each other, anti-collision handrails with fire, wear resistance, wall protection, anti-slip effect is good, is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and other public places, the use of anti-collision handrails to help the disabled body Weak group support walking, but also can play a role in protecting the wall.


Anti-collision Handrail Product Features


Internal metal structure of good strength, the appearance of vinyl resin material, warm not cold.


The anti-collision armrest is used to protect the wall from impact and to provide assistance to pedestrians, which are 80cm-90cm high on the surface.


The anti-collision armrest is available in 56 colors, including wood grain color, and can be used in conjunction with Hong Fu Jian anti-collision retaining wall, corner guard and other products to match the perfect color space.


Tubular styling is ergonomic and easy to hold, suitable for general corridors, stair railings, etc.


Anti-collision armrest applicable range


Anti-collision handrails are widely used in schools, kindergartens, and nursing homes and other public places, anti-collision handrails can effectively protect people's life and safety, anti-collision handrails, anti-collision wall panels, such as the use of protective angle, in hospitals, welfare homes, nursing home and hotel use. Protect the wall, collision, impact and other advantages.