How do we maintain barrier-free handrails in our daily home life?

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-07-05

It is necessary to set up two layers of handrails on both sides. The height of the handrail above is about 0.85mm, and the lower handrail can be about 0.20mm. This height is actually the ideal height. It is a suitable height. The installation of the handrail must be as strong as possible. Because it is for long-term use, it is necessary to maintain the characteristics that are not easily deformed. Consumers must pay special attention to their quality problems when purchasing. If the purchased armrest materials are not good, they will easily appear in the process of use. Some problems, so for the safety of the public, it is important to choose a qualified product!

The high-quality stainless steel is stamped by precision mold, and then the metallurgical structure is adjusted by high-frequency quenching to achieve excellent physical properties, and the tensile strength is greater than 600N/mm2. The important base and main body connecting parts of the barrier-free handrail are upgraded from ordinary Phillips screws to high-strength Hexagon socket screws. The assembled type uses a torque wrench to ensure tight fit and is not easy to slip.

In the daily home life, we pay more attention to the usual maintenance work, which is more important for the friends with barrier-free handrails. In the actual operation, we will always encounter a lot of troubles and problems that are difficult to deal with. I would like to teach you a little trick, and the custody can achieve good results.

Medical anti-collision handrails are more conventional styles in hospital corridors, but the sizes are different. You can choose the handrail style according to the actual situation of each hospital. The barrier-free handrails are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. 2.0 thick PVC panel, multi-color optional, and overall style matching, anti-corrosion, simple installation, durable, can effectively play the role of anti-collision and anti-shock.

In order to reduce or avoid the degree of injury when people with mobility problems (such as the elderly, injured feet, weak patients, pregnant women, children, etc.) fall, the hospital anti-collision handrail has become a necessary facility in the hospital corridor; the hospital anti-collision handrails are beautiful The appearance makes the hospital anti-collision armrests functional and decorative.

In order to make the visual decoration performance better after the installation of the handrail, the squareness error of the wall within the two squares can not exceed 3mm, the wall has no cracks, water seepage, etc. If the wall does not meet this requirement, the civil construction party can be required to Make a trim.