Barrier-free handrail installation requirements and installation precautions

Edit:Henan hung Fu Jian medical equipmentUpDate:2018-05-03

Barrier-free handrails are used as a gospel for the majority of disabled and elderly friends and are used in many places. Today, we will share the precautions for the installation and installation of barrier-free handrails. We hope to provide reference for your installation and construction.

1. The height of the barrier-free single-layer handrail should be 850mm--900mm, the height of the upper handrail of the barrier-free double-layer handrail should be 850mm-900mm, and the height of the lower handrail should be 650mm-700mm;

2. The barrier-free handrails shall be kept coherent, and the starting point and the end point of the barrier-free handrails against the wall shall extend horizontally by a length of not less than 300 mm;

3. The end of the barrier-free handrail should be turned inward to the wall or extended downwards not less than 100mm;

4. The distance between the inside of the barrier-free handrail and the wall surface is not less than 40mm;

5. The barrier-free handrail is easy to grasp and has a diameter of 35mm.

Barrier-free handrail installation precautions and installation specifications are mainly divided into the following two cases.

1. Installation specifications for barrier-free handrails in aisle corridors

1. Handrails with a height of 0.85m shall be provided on both sides of the ramp, steps and stairs; when two layers of handrails are provided, the height of the lower handrail shall be 0.65m;

2. The distance between the inside of the armrest and the wall should be 40-50mm;

3, the armrest should be installed sturdy, the shape is easy to grasp.

Second, the bathroom, public toilets barrier-free handrails, bathroom handrails, safety grab bar installation specifications

1. Safety grab bars should be provided 50mm from the sides and front edge of the wash basin;

2. On both sides and above the urinal, a safety grab bar with a width of 0.60-0.70m and a height of 1.20m shall be provided;

3. The height of the toilet is 0.45m, the horizontal grab bar should be 0.70m on both sides, and the vertical grab bar with height 1.40m should be set on the side of the wall;

4. The barrier-free handrail should be 30-40mm in diameter;

5. The inside of the barrier-free handrail should be 40mm away from the wall surface;

6. The grab bar should be installed sturdy.