Analysis of the Causes of the Loss of the Infusion Stand Track-Health Medical Equipment

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It has become a common practice for us to use hanging bottles. Some patients can not eat or when they are not fit, they need to use a bottle to reduce the symptoms or replenish their strength. In the process of infusion, the patient may walk and get up. In order to facilitate the patient's movement, we choose the infusion stand rail. This design can reduce the physical labor of the medical staff, and the design performance is excellent. It can carry out all-round movement and facilitate the adjustment of the better infusion position. It is currently in our medical career. An advanced product, it is mainly used in medical rooms such as operating rooms, wards, and intensive care units.

In the actual work of the hospital, the phenomenon of the orbital off-track of the infusion stand has occurred, which directly affects the patient's trust in the quality of the hospital, and also causes problems for the medical workers' treatment work. So what is the main cause of falling off? How to prevent falling off?

Why does the infusion stand track fall off?

After practice research, the main reasons for the orbital loss of the infusion frame in the ward are as follows:

Insufficient bearing capacity of a ceiling

Most of the existing wards are gypsum board ceilings. When the infusion stand rails are directly fixed on the gypsum board ceiling, they often fall off during use due to insufficient bearing capacity of the ceiling, causing adverse events. In order to solve the problem of insufficient bearing capacity of the ceiling, the keel must be added to the ceiling, and the track frame of the infusion stand is fixed on the keel to strengthen the bearing capacity and avoid falling off.

Two wood falling off

The cork in the infusion stand rail bracket is loose after drying, and the external force slides down, causing the boom to fall off. In order to solve the problem of falling off the wood, the screw can be fixed to prevent the cork from slipping.

Sanmusai fault

The cork in the infusion stand rail bracket breaks under the pull-down force of the boom, causing the boom to fall off and cause an adverse event. Therefore, the quality of wood should be strictly controlled, and wood materials such as particleboard, plywood, and MDF are strictly prohibited as the cork firmware.

Four screw break

The screw between the hanging wall and the hanger is broken, causing the boom to fall off. According to the investigation, the broken screws are mostly black phosphating drywall nails. Black phosphating drywall nails are often used for the link between gypsum board and metal keel with a thickness of not more than 2.3mm. It has strong hardness, good corrosion resistance and self-work. Fast and other advantages, but at the same time the toughness is poor, brittle and easy to break. Therefore, when selecting screws, galvanized drywall nails with stronger toughness should be used. It has been proved by practice that most of the booms using galvanized drywall nails do not break.

Infusion stand-health medical equipment

In summary, the reason is that the current construction process is insufficiently understood and the construction process standards are lacking. In this process, Party A needs more than just the content of the improvement plan, but more importantly, the concrete implementation of the construction process standards. To this end, we must work from the construction team management, construction team worker management and construction quality management at the same time to ensure that the construction process standards are promoted and implemented.